Purchase of education materials


The natural feature of the system is its ability to expand the data. The materials are prepared in cooperation with teachers. For teacher who prepares the education materials is „Lisa” fully available free of charge and materials can also be provided free of charge to his / her students or colleagues. This ensures the natural development of materials will follow the latest trends in language teaching.

Prices of individual materials depend on their complexity. After you purchase the education materials, you can use it without restrictions on any device you have registered with us. Many documents are also available free of charge.

Developing scheme

Provízny predaj

Part of a good system is to continuously take care of its development. In our case, this means ensuring continuous addition and improvement of education materials. Since teachers are the most competent in this area, we have introduced a commission-based remuneration for all those involved in the creation of the background.

Home teacher

Alexa at home

If a student wants to prepare for a class or lesson at home, is ill, or wants to have fun learning a language at home, we can provide both the device and the teaching materials. Lisa is always handy whenever and where ever is student willing to learn. If a student attends a school that is participating in LISA scheme, he / she receives all the materials that are part of the teaching during the time period of a class or school attending for free. After finishing the study or during the study for revival, the student can purchase the documents for lifetime use as well.

The brain of an intelligent home

Alexa smart home

Do you want to get rid of all the remote controls in your home, turn off the light directly from the sofa, or lock the front door from the bed, turn on the heating system or check the security around your house or just watch your favorite movie and just in the way like never before? This and much more can be done by the Amazon device in cooperation with the intelligent devices in the house. For more informations, visit www.futureREADY.systems



Conversations are definitely the most interesting part of the system. We tried to get as close as possible to a real human conversation and therefore we allow to create conversations whose story is dependent on previous answers and therefore one conversation can have more ends. Lisa never uses the same questions to make the conversation stereotypical. Nor does he always expect one answer at a time, and if the user gets stuck and can’t continue, Lisa tactfully leads him to the right path.



The natural feature of LISA is also reading articles, dictating dictations, playing activities and much more. For beginners or for dictation purpose, you can choose to read sentences. This means that after each sentence Lisa waits for a command to continue or repeat the sentence. Different degrees of reading speed can also be used for reading. There are 3 speed levels, slow, normal and fast reading. The type is set directly at the class by the appropriate command. To make the reading more diverse, it is possible to set various effects such as whispering, enthusiasm, screaming, conspiracy, and even one of 3 voices for a certain part of the sentence or the whole sentence.



Drilling of vocabulary, irregular verbs, comparatives and superlatives, dates, times and others is also an important part of the learning. Here, too, Lisa comes in with her wide vocabulary, a complete list of irregular verbs, and countless other teaching options. Of course, teaching options can be assigned to a specific lesson, and naturally only selected parts will be used in the learning process, achieving symbiosis with teacher materials that are ready for each lesson and the student knows exactly what to prepare for the next exam. At the same time, there is another mode to get the meaning of a particular word, or an irregular verb that is activated by a special command. This mode is available at any time during a conversation. At the same time, vocabulary and irregular verbs are searched in the complete list and not just in the list for the current lesson.