Mum is a superhero


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Lesson: My mum is a superhero

Languages: EN (GB/US)

Level: LEVEL A


My mum is a superhero

1a. READING – theme article

1b. READING – dictation

1c. TALKING – My mum is a superhero

1d. TALKING – student`s asking

1e. ASKING – My mum is a superhero

1f. ASKING – student`s answering

1g. ACTIVITY – My mum is a superhero – correct / wrong

1h. ACTIVITY – guess what?

1i. TEACHING & TESTING – vocabulary

1j. TEACHING & TESTING – plural forms of nouns

1k. TEACHING & TESTING – Negative sentence exercise

1l. TEACHING & TESTING – countable / uncountable

1m. REALAX – Jokes

1n. RELAX – Excuses to be late

1o. RELAX – Tongue twisters

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