Teacher Assistant

Alexa at school

Why not make learning in the classroom a little more fun. Our solution diversifies the teaching process at school and attracts the attention of students. It can even provide an increase in the number of students for language schools.

So what is it all about? It’s simple, one small device “LISA” is added to the class, which listens carefully to what is happening in the area and communicates with its surroundings on the basis of human commands. The system can copy the teaching process, while offering space for the teacher to individually supplement and expand the curriculum, and consists of several basic parts similar to standard language teaching. These parts are conversation, the ability to read articles, dictate dictations, learn and test, and various others. The teacher assigns the individual parts to specific lessons, and that’s about all the settings. Then only the teacher comes to the class, uses the command to set the current lesson and the fun can begin. Lisa uses simple commands to start a conversation ready for a given lesson, read a specific article, or randomly learn vocabulary for a given lesson. At the end of the lesson, he will briefly mention what we learned in class and, for the inattentive, remind us of homework.